Put on those nails, secure that tuck and get your engines ready for our Top 5 slay-worthy moments, celebrating our most fabulous (and baddest) queens! Serving up outfit envy realness, these queens know how to make sure they get noticed, purse first. From Violet Chachki's tinsel to tartan right up to Trinity's inner GaGa, we've put together our top looks which left us screaming #OutfitGoals!

 Valentina - Season Nine

It's the moment that left us in tears and the screaming 'YASSSSS QUEEN' hysterically. Valentina's all in white during season 9 deserves its very own crown. Cinched in the dreamiest dress of them all, she stepped out wowing Mama Ru in true D&G inspired glamour!

 Courtney Act - Season Six

Is it a bird? A Plane? Or is it just Courtney Act slaying the main stage for herself? During the runway in season 6, the fishiest queen Courtney took it next level, blessing our screens with the fiercest wings yet. 

 Sharon Needs - Season Four

Turning drag glamour-realness on its head goes to one and only Sharon Needles. Notorious for stepping up her runway looks to the next level, this gory look literally threw us off our seats (in fear).

 Trinity Taylor - Season Nine

The look that left even our Queen GaGa proud! Trinity Taylor channelled the sensation herself in true mother monster style. Taking advantage of the fake blood, white gown and dazzling gloves, we were all for Trinity's take on American Horror Story!

Violet Chachki - Season Eight

If only making entrance was this easy. Apart of Violet Chachki's incy waist, her head to toe sassitude kept us wanting more. During one of the first runway challenges in season 8, Violet knew business and came out with one of the most iconic jumpsuits to ever be broadcasted on television. Period.



You keep on slaying queens - and remember if you can't love yourself, then HOW THE HELL you gonna' love anyone else!