Our first ever Skinnydip Book Club book of the month is the fantastic ‘The Sisterhood’ by Daisy Buchanan. A self-confessed love letter to her five sisters, this is a book you WILL not want to put down!
The Sisterhood Book by Daisy Buchanan | Skinnydip London
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sisters, and ain’t that the truth. ‘The Sisterhood’ is the PERFECT novel for anyone who has grown up with sisters – detailing the trials and tribulations of growing up in a house full of women as you’re also trying to figure out your own identity. Through arguments, love, family issues, mental health, Daisy details all of the ups and downs her sisters went through, and how they’ve come out even stronger.
Daisy’s honesty drips out of every single page, with hilarious anecdotes about arguments over the TV remote (too real) and stealing clothes (we’ve never done that…. honest….), to bigger issues, like hiding eating disorders from your sisters or feeling guilt over not protecting them from the world in the way a big sister is expected to. We love how honest Daisy is, and the book really captures how it feels to feel responsible for your younger sisters and feel a sense of overbearing protection for the way they grow up. What really shines through is that the mistakes Daisy feels she made never changed the way her sisters looked at her, and the unconditional love between these five women still runs true today.
Largely, this book champions the women who shaped Daisy, and it’s a huge thank you to them for being her endless support network when times get tough. Even if you don’t have sisters, you can liken this to a best mate who’s always there, through the 3am crying phone calls over your ex to the drunk ‘I love you’s’ in clubs. Everyone has someone they can call a sister, be it blood or not, and this book is perfect to show you how much they shape your life every single day.