Say hello to our brand-new capsule collection in collaboration with Happy Not Perfect. Together we’ve designed 4 amazing products set to soothe your soul, relieve stress and generally promote a happier and healthier well being!
Bubble Wrap Case
If you find popping bubble wrap as satisfying as we do, then this is the perfect case for you. The ultimate stress-reliever, our Bubble Wrap Case is covered in clickable buttons, so you can relieve some tension wherever you go.
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Squishy Pill Case
Designed to add little reminders into your life on the daily, our Squishy Pill Case is filled with memos to remind you to breathe, chill and smile! Not only that, it’s filled with squishy liquid, so when you’re feeling a little stressed your case is there to take your mind off your worries!
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HNP Happiness Diary (Coming Soon!)
Get yourself extra organised with this amazing Happiness diary! Full to the brim of motivational quotes and daily prompts to encourage you to live and feel better. It also includes a monthly reflection section and allows you to work towards goals and aspirations.
Chill Pill Key Ring
You know that saying when someone tells you to take a chill pill? We thought it’d be better to create a key ring you can attach to your keys or fave bag, to give you a subtle reminder every day to stop the stressing and just chill.
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