With Coachella officially over for another year (sobs uncontrollably) whether you were lucky enough to be able to attend or not – you’ll of either heard, read or seen some of the famous and fabulous doing their thing, the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re talking sister-act Solange and Queen B styling out that awkward hug/fall saga as if it were totally planned, Ariana making a surprise guest appearance and those seriously stubborn sparkly boots that just wouldn’t stay up. Whilst on the topic of outfits, we’ve put together a selection of mega-babes we spotted in Skinnydip during both Coachella weekends who absolutely nailed their festival looks! Prepare yourselves for all the outfit inspo incoming  

izabelag4 wearing Lola Blue Sunglasses

nahcardoso wearing Blue Mesh Bumbag

shewearsfashion wearing Harper Pink Sunglasses

achiquepeek wearing Lola Pink Sunglasses

maudegarrett wearing Chloe Pink Reflective Sunglasses