There's nothing that makes us feel more put together than a fresh set of nails! Everyone has their signature, but we know that sometimes it can get a little boring when you pick the same shade of nude every time... So next time you book a nail appointment, why don’t you try one of these awesome summer nail trends to step up your mani game! Oh and don't forget to book in at our very own nail salon, Nail Club, the perfect place to nail that instagrammable nail shot!

The New (and improved) French Tip

This colourful take on the classic french manicure has been seen across social media for summer and makes for the perfect companion for all those summer parties…just think of how great this mani will look clutching a glass of Pimm. You can use just one colour, or if you're indecisive like us, layer different colours for a geometric look sure and make your hands the talk of summer!

The Cow Print Mani

Its no secret that cow print has been popping up all over Instagram recently. It’s a little controversial but we are living for it! Inspired by the one and only Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner, cow print nails have now made their debut. But the question is are you brave enough to try this mani trend?

The Bare Base Nail Art Look

Simple yet artistic, this bare base nail trend has been taking social media by storm, and the best part is there’s no waiting for the base colour to dry. The best style if you're pressed for time but want seem like you put a lot of effort in (story of our lives), dab some dots on your nails and BOOM done, effortless style in no time!

The 'I Can't Choose Just One' Mani

Everyone’s been there, you've lined up a selection of colours but you just can’t make the final decision! Don’t worry though, this summer nail trend has you covered. This nail look is the perfect summer accessory, taking your look to the next level with an explosion of colour. Let’s be real…who doesn’t want to dress like a rainbow all the time?!