Uni Essentials | Skinnydip London

Okay so we come baring slightly sad news… It’s happening people! The 6 weeks holidays is finally coming to end and whether you’re heading back to school, college or uni (or just simply refuse to believe it’s actually happening) – there’s a long list of term time essentials you’re defo gonna need to see you through!

From cool desk essentials to statement pieces perfect for turning your student room from basic to cute AF, we’ve got you covered – and just to make things even easier, we’ve created a fancy checklist you can print out and use to keep yourself extra organised!

Classroom Essentials | Skinnydip London

Good Excuses For Being Late Notebook, Busy Having No Ideas Pen Pack, Dominica Laptop Case, Dazzle Pencil Case

Fuck It MugWelcome To The Real World Wall Print, Lazy Girls Guide To Life BookSmall Cactus Candle 

Pamper Night Essentials | Skinnydip London

Frank Body Shimmer ScrubLe Mini Macaron Rose Creme Gel Nail Kit, G9 Skin Milk Bomb Face MaskMiss Patisserie Bath Crumble