Here at Skinnydip London, we know that no gal can live without her BFF. Whether she's your personal FBI for some snoopin' or your go-to lifesaver when you have LITERALLY nothing to wear, it's only right we celebrate the best friend day the right way. 

From Kate Moss & Noami Campbell to Michelle & Romy, these babes give us major sisterhood #goals - with their style file and their friendship! So, to kick off the celebration, we've made the ultimate countdown of our faves, from iconic to nailing it right now!


kate moss and naomi campbell 1990s

The OG's to the best friend forever saga - Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell have been supplying friendship realness since the 1990's, and like a true pact, have kept it strong! While being the most iconic names in the modelling business - they are style sisters who know how to look fierce from the catwalk to the paps.


kendall and gigi

 Fresh on the catwalk, Gigi and Kendall's friendship is major (so major, it's even got a pet name KENGI). Being the ultimate sisters who can rely on each other through anything, you know this friendship is REAL. 


"Your hair looks so good with blonde hair and black roots it's not even funny." BFF's who totally have you back are the best BFF's - always! Michelle and Romy provide us major tips and goals to holding a true pact, especially in the round up to their high school reunion.


Have you and your BFF ever been so exclusive, that on Wednesday's you only wear pink? Karen, Gretchen and Regina not only rule North Shore High School, they also secretly make you wish you had enough sass and attitude as them (minus the BURNBOOK)! *cue Kelis - Milkshake*



Obviously, Cher and Dione are the true queens to the BFF crown! From being the ultimate style cues to the 1990s, to smoothly avoiding unwanted male attention with a snap-back "AS IF", they are the ultimate pair with the official Best friend motto:

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