Down at Skinnydip HQ, we are all about upcoming and emerging talent. From London to NYC, our babes are always on the hunt for the next best thing to fill up our feeds. This month, we got to sit down with illustrator (and modern Andy Warhol) The Poop Culture to hear all about their work, what inspires them and what it's like being the hot-right-now account on insta.

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The Poop Culture’ – WHAT A NAME! What’s the story behind it?

I know I love it, it just came to me when I was drawing a couple of years ago like a 'eureka!' moment. Initially I was called Fanatic and I hated it because everyone thought my work was 'fan art' then one day I wanted to change it to 'poopculture' but the domain and twitter handle were already taken so my friend had the genius idea to put 'the' in front and here we are today!

Illustrator IRL, talk us through your average day…

My days are quite varied tbh, I (try) and wake up at 8am every morning to get as much done as possible. I get coffee and sit at my desk and scour through social media to get caught up. Then I like to do about 2 hours of pitching a day where I list all my dream clients and approach them relentlessly. I've just landed a contract with Playboy in LA and will be working with them on their website a lot in the future. I try and get out as much as possible, set up meetings in the city and soak up the culture to stay inspired.

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On-the-go ideas, how do you make sure you don’t forget them?

I have about 5 lists on the go at once and write things down as soon as they pop in my head. I have days where I go and sit in book shops, museums and department stores because I get a lot of inspiration when I'm out. I also use the insta-stories platform a lot because I can watch my day back and remember what I might've forgotten.


You’re the Andy Warhol of Insta, who else has inspired your style?

I'm so happy that joke is catching on haha! That's a really hard one to answer because literally everything inspires me, I'm so naturally intrigued by everything so I always keep a notebook near me and I'm constantly taking photos.


Your work features all our fave celebs, how do you decide who to draw next?

There isn't really a formula to it really, whoever intrigues me and is making headlines that day. With pop culture everything is centred around celebrity so I try and showcase high profile recognisable people in different ways showing different trends. I'm all about humour so I try and make my followers laugh.

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The creative industry is a hard one to crack, what are your tips to stand out from the rest?

You have to appreciate that Rome wasn't built in a day, you have to get up and get into your creative space, you have to work so hard and be so resourceful. You have to be the one to approach people and grow a really thick skin when they say no, because they will say no and the important thing is that you don't give up! Also BE NICE.


Have you always wanted to be an illustrator?

I've drawn everyday since I was 7. I'd sit by the bin with my Woolworths refill pad and almost everything I sketched would be ripped out and chucked because it wasn't good enough. I've had my pens taken away from me at the airport when going through baggage control, if I don't draw my hands tense up and I can't think straight so there's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing!


Music, TV, mags, what gets your creative juices flowing?

Whenever I see the magazine aisle in any shop I run to it. I'd love to have a subscription to every magazine I'm obsessed with and have an archive in my house one day for reference. I buy old issues of Rolling Stone and Life magazine from the 60s from flea markets/car boot sales all the time, I just love the history of it all and marking different events and trends from previous years.

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Rihanna’s Coachella Gucci bodysuit to THAT Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, what’s the most outrageous pop moment of 2017 for you? (SO FAR)

TBH it's this whole Rob and Chyna thing. I've followed it for the past year and it's inevitable end was hilarious and had me glued to my phone. I'm also really unashamedly and unapologetically looking forward to Kylie Jenner's reality show. Don't judge me.


What’s next for The Poop Culture? Animation, clothing ranges, an exhibition (we’ll be there!)?

I honestly want to do it all, the last time I was interviewed I said I wanted to develop an app and I have and it's nearly ready for release! I want to carry on building my industry presence and have clients all over the world. I would also love to do big brand collaborations. One of my ultimate dreams is to design MACs make up packaging so watch this space - I'm working on it!


Your Disney characters IRL wearing our fave brands are incred, what’s your ultimate Disney princess and designer brand duo? 

The whole Disney theme in my work was born out of creative block and was me just trying to do something different to get my mind off a commission. It's so funny that it's got the response it has, I've loved it! My fave is Ariel in Calvin Klein because it's the perfect fit but there are so many more to come...


Your drawing skills are #GOALS, do you draw by hand first or straight onto the computer?

I do a lot of hand drawing still but I'm a bit rusty since I've been digitally drawing for so long. I have my babe of a drawing tablet now and I don't know where I've been without it, also in the market for an iPad Pro with an apple pencil so if there are any execs from Apple reading holla @ me ;)

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