We can't believe it's November! Babe, where did this year go?? It's time to get out your woolly hat & gloves, BONFIRE NIGHT is here!! We've got a list of different things for you to make this day extra-fun.

Go to a firework display

Head over to your local park to see the bonfire and watch the fireworks. Relive your childhood memories by going on the Carousel and make sure to take your gloves to stay safe when using a sparkler.



Autumn park walk

Not feeling the fireworks? Head out early and go on a walk in your local park with your babes. Take a hot chocolate with you for some extra cosy cuteness.


Host a BBQ

Catch up with all your family and friends and invite round for a yummy BBQ. Who said you can't do BBQ in November? Don't forget to get some marshmallows and chocolate to make some S'mores!



Stay in and have a cosy TV/movie night

Take the opportunity to catch up or re-watch your fave TV shows. Gossip Girl or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?