What Android Do I Have?


What Android Do I Have?

On a daily basis our most asked question is, why do you only sell cases for iPhones? The answer - we don't!

You can find Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel cases on our site right now. And the best part... they're all printed to order. Meaning you can grab a cute new shockproof case for your prized possession, knowing it's created minimal waste and impact on the environment. You can also ask a member of staff in store about ordering in a print to order case for your Android phone!

Our Android phone cases are something we're always looking to expand further, so if you don't see your size listed in this blog post below, be sure to check back on site in the future for new designs and sizes.

Tip Number One

Did you know the easiest way to find out your Samsung model is hidden in your settings? Simply go to Settings, and click About Phone. Here you will find Model Name - this will tell you your Phone size e.g Samsung Galaxy S21.

If no model name is listed, you will also find Model Number. Search the model number to find your Phone size e.g SM-G991BZADEUA = Samsung Galaxy S21.

Google Pixel

Again the easiest way to find out your Google Pixel model is hidden in your settings! Simply go to Settings, scroll down to and click on Systems and then click about About Phone. Next click Regulatory Labels. A pop up will appear which will show you your model e.g Google Pixel 6.

Please note if you're phone is running Android 10, skip the step of clicking Systems and just click About Phone once you're in the Settings menu.

Tip Number Two

Still not sure / Tip Number One didn't work for you? Don't worry, we've broken down the key details and features of each of the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models we have cases for below.

Tip Number Three

Ask for help! If you're still unsure what the correct Skinnydip case for your Android phone is, you can contact our customer services or ask a member of staff in store to ensure you purchase the correct size case.