Who runs the world? Girls! If you’re a certified feminist, avid activist or an open-minded individual then you’d of loved our recent #HATESUCKS panel hosted by Scarlett Curtis, where we chatted about all thing’s feminism. The panel consisted of Scarlett Curtis (obvs, queen), Saba Asif a political activist and (in our opinion, total comedian), the amazing artist Alice Skinner and the inspirational founder of ‘Herstory’, Alice Wroe. The controversial questions kept everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the next insightful story, and we honestly could have gone on all night!

Saba shook us with her wise words “There’s something so exciting about being in this generation. We are in a political tsunami that can’t be ignored. We have to get dramatic, because politics are a crucial part of our civilization”.

Alice Wroe laid down the facts “Sometimes people water down feminism for men to appeal to them. But in actual fact men can think critically and be committed to the movement too.”  

Whilst Alice Skinner shut down the haters “No one wins under the patriarchy; male depression rates are higher than ever. Its in all our interest’s to be feminists”.

But with the positivity also comes the negativity… and our panelists have certainly had their fair share after being in the public eye just for simply wanting equal rights. All the girls shared their love/hate relationship with social media and the toll it’s had on their mental health and how being an activist can bring adversity. Alice Skinner told us;

 “The trolls really made me want to give up. What’s the point? But then it all dissolves and then you have a great week as a woman, with messages of strength and support… My coping mechanism? Turn off your bloody phone. You can’t argue with stupid.”

We couldn’t agree more! Saba Asif taught us all to “Breathe, internalize your argument and come back and destroy them!” composure goes a long way and is way more effective, so don’t retaliate out of anger. Alice Wroe said, “Women’s history has been built on us working together, and as a society we grasp onto one person only, which is why so many female histories are forgotten.” Definitely, girls support girls, working together will get us further as a movement!

As well as everyone indulging in their wisdom, we also got our carb fix with the dreamiest Mac & Cheese from The Mac Factory! We were also blessed with cocktails from All Shook Up complementing our cheesy main with flavours of coconut and passionfruit, 10/10 dinner if you ask us!

We treated our wonder women guests to a goody bag full of feminist essentials including, TOTM organic period care, our Skinnydip femme mirror and our gold bust keychain, Candy Kitten sweets and all the info about the Feminists Don’t Wear Pink book.