Hello summer sun! We’ve only been waiting for your arrival for the last 8+ months in the blistering cold, rain and tons of snow, but let’s not dwell on that, let's talk all things SUN! Because that’s what’s important RN. So, the sun comes out and the whole country lathers on their factor 50 and marches down to the nearest pub garden, standard. But nobody wants to recycle their old sunnies every year especially when there’s an ocean of fancy and fabulous new styles out that suit ALL face shapes – yep you heard us, we’ve got a pair to suit all of you super babes out there so get ready to bask in the sunshine in serious style this summer!
Oval Practically all styles/shapes
Now if your face is oval shaped, you’re in luck. Basically, any style suits that babe’in face. From killer cat eyes to John Lennon style throwbacks you’re good to go because your face shape is so well proportioned you can pull off pretty much anything! One thing we’d avoid is anything that’s outrageously oversized as this can deter away from your perfectly proportioned appearance.
Square Aviator
So you’ve got some seriously sharp and chiselled jaw bones underneath that picture-perfect exterior, which means you’re definitely gonna need something with a rounder frame as it’ll help balance out and soften your facial characteristics, thank us later!
Pear Cat eye
How can you face be the same shape as a fruit we hear you ask? Well if your face is significantly narrower at the top than at the bottom and your jawline is wider than your hairline – you’re an official member of the pear club. But don’t panic, the iconic 50’s favourites are here to save the day! Cat eye shades will elongate the top half of your face whilst effortlessly transforming you into the perfectly proportioned queen you’ve always dreamed of being.
Heart Round or oval
Being heart shaped means your face gets significantly narrower towards the bottom, so you’re going to need something soft and circular to balance that out. You should see this as a serious privilege as these are known to be the hardest style to pull off! Elton being the exception obvs.
Round Rectangular frames
 Now as you’ll know, the height and width of your face are practically the same, so the style you should look out for needs to compliment that. A square frame that’s width is bigger than its height will compliment your face shape and draw in your features in all the right places! Avoid round frames as these will make your face look wider.
So there you have it! Your perfect pair of summer-approved sunnies awaits and as the temperatures are set to rise you’re gonna deserve an upgrade ASAP! Get ready to soak up the sun huns 😊