Ok, so it's not a problem right, you just really, really, REALLY love coffee and where better to get your fix than Starbucks. Third cup down for the day and a bank balance that is looking somewhat in pain and you think to yourself 'am I addicted?'. We've listed the 6 signs that you're addicted to Starbucks...

  1. When you use the Starbucks app more than you text

  2. Your taste buds reject even the scent of another branded coffee.

  3. Ordering your coffee requires a degree in linguistic studies and a notepad...

  4. You forget your friend’s birthday but not the launch of the seasonal menu.

  5. The Barista at your local is your bestie.

  6. Getting a totally instaworthy Starbucks Red Cup image is more important than life itself! 

Ok, so you've realised you might be slightlyyy addicted to Starbucks but who doesn't these days. If getting the perfect shot of you holding your Red Cup wasn't good enough we've collabed with Starbucks (AGAIN!) to bring you THE coolest phones cases, makeup bags, cards and stickers to accompany that perfect flat lay image. 


Shop the collection online now! #StarbucksXSkinnydip