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Brand Focus: Hello Happy Plants

HOLD THE PHONE!! We here at Skinnydip have just discovered the next best room accessory since Bieber wall posters (all hail)! 'Hello Happy Plants' are keeping it super fresh with their wonderfully quirky, tongue-in-cheek plant pots! The Florida based company are crazy busy spreading the Hello Happy Plants love, but we managed to grab them for a quick Q&A. 

How did Hello Happy Plants begin?
I actually really thought I wanted to work in music for a while so I got a job at a record store. Even though It was super interesting and fun.. (without sounding like a jerk…) I really started to feel like "dangit man, I am 100% just working to help make someone else's dream come true and completely plateauing in life and basically avoiding making any real life goals of my own. Yeah, so fast forward about a month…LOL… I pretty much had a breakdown about all those feelings- that soon turned into a breakthrough! One night on vacation with my boo boo he gave me good, kinda tough-love advice, which was to start trying anything that made me happy or excited me a bunch. The record store I was working at put together a little market outside and I applied to be a vendor selling plants in vintage/thrifted pots and a few different things I sewed. It was a little random, but I've always loved plants and I had recently taught myself how to sew so I was like" hey, what the heck lets try it out". My friends came and helped me, we gave a bud mini to everyone that bought something and sold out! So so so jazzed. I made an instagram for hello happy plants the next morning and have been growing, learning, experimenting and having a frickin' blast ever since.

Where do you find inspiration for your pots?
All over! I mean, the majority of my stuff is snack/drink/gas station related so I really really look at logos, fonts and the snacks everybody chows on. Honestly, I feel like I literally look at everything and I'm like … "can I make a planter out of that?" That's maybe why my planters are all over the place. Like, my neighbor's house is getting worked on and the other day and I saw a giant dirt mound in their front yard and it actually inspired my next creation! haha COMING SOON!!

A fun fact about the brand?
My taxidermy raccoon Turks n Caicos is my pretend assistant and my dog Goldie is the assistant regional manager. A stuffed quail named Tristan also chills with us but he's literally useless.

Describe a Hello Happy Plants customer?
I think they're funny and SO great!!!!!! I love when people post pictures with their planters and explain their relationship with that specific item too. They're definitely not afraid of colour or taking care of a new plant kid and that rules. I love them all!!!!!!

Brand highlight so far..
This interview stuff is so cool and flattering to me!!! Also being given the opportunity to sell my plants and planters in places across the country. Places that I have followed, admired and been inspired by, asking me if they can carry my stuff! Blows my lil brain!!!!!

Where do you see the company in 5 years time?
Man I don't know!! I really want to build a bigger green house and focus more on my plant kids. I grow a bunch of my own already but it would be cool to never have to buy air plants again. My best friends and I recently held a kids hands-on workshop and it made my heart so happy. I wanna keep doing things like that, with them, forever and ever.

Amazing, right!?

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