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#SKINNYDIPSELFIE's of the week!

Every girl knows that no Instagram account is complete without a couple of selfies! From the classic "full length mirror" that lets you get your whole outfit in shot, the famed "duckface", to the thankfully the lesser seen "belfie" (aka bum selfie... we're looking at you Kim K!), but everybody knows that the best selfie of all is the #SKINNYDIPSELFIE!
Here at Skinnydip we are honoured that you guys love your cases so much that you want to include them in your pics, so here is our round up of our five faves this week, these beauts have their poses down! If you want to be included next week then all you have to do is #SKINNYDIPSELFIE on your Insta posts! So get posing girls!
This week's #SKINNYDIPSELFIE's are from: @beccaahoward, @leanneiaam, @jessicarosebrown,  @americcagirl, @brantastic_x
WORDS BY: Sarah Maxwell

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