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Brand Focus: Maya Magal

Bringing a contemporary edge to London's famed and historic jewellery district, Hatton Garden, is jewellery brand Maya Magal. She produces gorge pieces that can double as both a necklace and a ring - practical jewellery... we're in love! Despite only being in her fourth season, the brand has been spotted on a whole range of celebs from Ellie Goulding, Jourdan Dunn, Jessie J to Suki Waterhouse, so we went to get a slice of the action and found out more from Maya herself! 


Why did you decide to start your brand?
|Once I had considered the possibility, I could only think about this for months and as I explored the idea, my passion for jewellery kept growing! My past experience within the fashion industry gave me the confidence needed to start a brand, and I decided to take the leap. My designs have elements that make them totally unique, such as ‘secret’ hidden details and the mix of gold and silver, and so I felt confident that they would make my brand stand out.

How are your designs influenced?
The customer and the ‘woman’ who wears the jewellery often influence the designs. I am influenced by what they wear, their jobs and who they are. This makes it exciting and always changing. Coming from a creative family I have always had a designers mind, and details that I come across in everyday life inspire me to translate them into jewellery. This is why many of my collections have evolved from interesting geometric shapes and unusual textures.

Does being based in Hatton Garden inspire you?
Hatton Gardens is a melting pot for different trades involved in traditional jewellery making and design. Being around some of the most talented jewellers in the UK who have spent years honing their craft definitely inspires me, and I love bringing our unique brand and modern style to a largely traditional area.

You have pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, what was the idea behind this unique concept?
As simplicity is at the heart of my designs, I started to think about ways to make this more interesting for the people who wear my jewellery. I love the idea of creating one necklace that you can wear in 5 different ways, with different outfits, or a piece of jewellery that can be deconstructed to make several pieces. This way, the wearer can get the maximum use out of their jewellery, and can express their individuality at the same time. Sometimes, a customer will even show me a way to wear the jewellery that I hadn’t thought about!

How would you describe a Maya Magal girl?
The beauty of having interchangeable designs is that every woman can find a way to wear the jewellery to fit their personality and style. Our look tends to appeal to woman who likes simple designs with a strong element of individuality.

How does it feel seeing celebrities wearing your designs?
It still hasn’t sunk in how after only a year and a half since creating the brand how many high profile celebrities have chosen to wear Maya Magal jewellery. It is amazing to be able to open a magazine and see my work. I am lucky enough to work with a fantastic team who help me get the brand out there and establish my name in a crowded market.

Do you have a favourite piece from your current collection?
The single Circle Chain Earring is a particular favourite of mine as although it is the most delicate piece of jewellery I have made, it makes a big statement. In my new collection, Parallel, coming out in February, I am excited to introduce my classic favourites in solid gold which gives people a luxury option.

What’s next for the brand, where would you like to see it go in the future?
The business has grown so much in the past year that I would like to see this continue and hopefully pave the way for opening Maya Magal boutiques in London.

Fancy yourself as Maya Magal girl? Click HERE

Twitter: @MayaMagal

Instagram: @mayamagaljewellery

Facebook: /Maya-Magal-Jewellery

WORDS BY: Sarah Maxwell

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