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Brand Focus: Lucky Dip Club

Fancy getting a whole box of surprise personalised presents through the post every month? Who wouldn't?! Well this is exactly what Lucky Dip Club do! Lucky Dip Club is so popular that they sell out within hours on the 1st of every single month, it makes the cutest present for friends or even for yourself (it's okay we won't tell anybody!). What makes it even better is that the owner, Leona, is a total babe and she gave us the low down on her super-cool brand for you all!

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Leona Thrift-ola and I’m the founder, creative director, maker and chief packer at Lucky Dip Club which is a subscription box for lovers of colourful & fun handmade, personalised presents and surprise in the post.

How did you start Lucky Dip Club?
I’ve run many exciting endeavours over the years from an online thrift store to a shop and studio championing independent designs and my own jewellery line called Superette in Shoreditch. After a brief stint at a 9 to 5 in marketing for a vintage company I wanted to run my own business again and it had to involve my passion: fun handmade design with a vintage aesthetic. I was looking to bring my work to the world in a fresh and exciting way so I combined a subscription box business model that is popular in the beauty industry with the nostalgic world of the lucky dip.

Where do you find inspiration for each box?
I’ve lived in East London for nearly 20 years now and it’s easily my biggest source of inspiration. I’m an avid market stalker, park dweller and small boutique shopper and where I live has these in abundunce with creative talent from all corners of the globe starting new stuff every week. Working for myself I like having the freedom to just hit the streets if I’m feeling in need of a flash of inspiration and cafe culture just went into overdrive in my neighbourhood and I can choose from a cereal cafe, cat cafe or makers cafe with 3D printers buzzing away to grab a coffee in. It’s all a bit crazy and I bloody love it.

How would you describe the space that you work in?
I’ve just moved into my own studio space after running the business from my living room for the first 8 months of trading. I’m in a beautiful old town hall building in the heart of Hackney and I will be filling my space with colour pop fun, thrifted knick knacks, vintage fashion/craft books and tassel garlands. Lucky Dip Club is a party in a box and I want my studio space to embody this.

How would you sum up a Lucky Dip Club customer?
A free spirit who loves pastel rainbows, cute stationery, pizza and believes in unicorns.

What’s keeping you busy at the moment?
Packing boxes! I’ve just sent out 700 unicorn themed boxes for January that were filled with handmade jewellery, a personalised name necklace, stationery and stickers. Now I’m all set to launch the next box at 7am on the 1st February: Love Hearts & Lipstick which features personalised stationery, glitter jewellery, a fashion DIY kit and more. Due to popular demand I’ll be increasing the allocation of boxes available, but I still anticipate them selling out by Midday.

What has been the biggest highlight of the Lucky Dip Club story so far? 
It’s too tough to choose just one highlight - it’s been a rollercoaster ride of amazing moments!  On the 1st of each month when the boxes sell out in just a few hours it’s the most amazing feeling, a real buzz and I love chatting to everyone who’s snapped up a box on Twitter & Instagram. I also loved organising a bloggers crafternoon for Urban Outfitters and I plan to launch a series of workshops & crafternoons across the UK in Spring to teach my jewellery printing process.

What’s your favourite product that you have included to date?  
I created a unique way to print wood and use this to make the personalised jewellery and these products tend to be my favourite and so far have included a big pop art watermelon word necklace and a cute ice-cream with sprinkles name necklace. I also really enjoy creating stationery and the pastel hued weekly desk planner and toadstool to-do notes have been my fave so far.

Where do you see Lucky Dip Club in the future?
I’d like to grow the club to a membership of 1000 and I look forward to collaborating with my favourite illustrators and designer/makers on exclusive goodies for inclusion in the boxes. I also launched a fold out zine in January’s box and I’d like to develop this into a full scale zine that champions indie art, fashion, DIY and work by my talented subscribers. There’s so much stuff on the horizon for Lucky Dip Club, it really is an exciting time!


Interested? See for yourself, CLICK HERE

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