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Current illustration student Katie Edmunds is our Young British Talent for the month of April! Think mixed media portraits, a sprinkle of female empowerment and a dash of playful colours and you've found Katie's work. We're loving what Katie's doing right now, keep scrolling to check out her exclusive illustrations she created for us and a cheeky Q&A...

How long have you been drawing for?
I have been doodling ever since I bought my first Girl Talk magazine and I continued to pick related subjects throughout school.  I’m currently studying Fashion Illustration at the London College of Fashion; I am amazed that I have been able to turn my passion for illustration into a career path!

 What is your main source of inspiration for your illustrations?
I’m hugely inspired by female empowerment. My illustrations tend to play upon women who control and employ power over the male gaze, but with a tongue-in-cheek approach. I try to represent the fact that its ok to be female and to be sexually empowered.

 How would you describe your personal style?
I have most fun capturing people’s expressions through portrait drawings. I have a realistic style, which I tend to juxtapose with playful, seductive and colourful elements through use of watercolours, adding a raw quality to my work.

 What is your favourite illustration to date, and why?
My most recent ones are of some of the girls from Anti-Agency. They each have such quirky individual styles and they don’t conform to typical model poses. Their agency stands for diversity and freedom of personal expression whilst challenging our perceived norms of what models ‘should look like.’  This stance has really inspired me as it relates perfectly to everything which I aim to represent throughout my work.

 Which is your favourite Skinnydip product right now?
Ahhh I’m torn between the unicorn tears and pink shell cross body bag. Any accessory that is bold, colourful, glittery and metallic, I’m sold.

 Which media do you enjoy working with the most?
Pencils and watercolour. I like the precision and detail of the pencil and the unpredictability and possibilities which stem from watercolour and ink on paper.  

 If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be?
Superior intellect would give me an amazing mind so I could come up with solutions to all of the worlds problems, but first passing my dissertation ha!

 Who was the last person you chose to follow on Instagram?
Nadia Lee Cohen. Her photography is amazing; she uses strong, unconventional and in-your-face female characters within her work to create glossy, bold and surreal compositions.





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