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Our blogger of the month BABE for April is the one and only Cheyenne Davide! Born and Bred in London, Cheyenne is definitely one to watch on the blogging/presenting/party girl scene. When she's not hanging with her cats or blogging you can find Cheyenne filming sketches for VEVO or presenting the drive time show on Reprezent radio! We caught up with the busy beauty below... 

Hey Cheyenne, how did you start your blog Snoochie Shy?
I started off blogging when I was 19 cause I was so bored in sixth form and it was actually called yeahitsshyy. Snoochie shy only came about last year - I felt like a change! 

Describe your personal style.
Pink 90's sporty spice girl wannabe. 

So we’ve totally seen you babein out on VEVO adverts, whats that all about?
I host 3 weekly music shows on VEVO UK which is so much fun! I get to interview some cool people and let people know all about the latest music!


What has been the biggest highlight of your blogging/fashion career?
Blogging career has been representing London and modelling/styling two adidas campaigns. 

Also probably shooting for the babes of MISSGUIDED campaign and shooting for the latest nike campaign with my confetti crowd babes! Fun stuff! 

What piece of clothing could you not live without?

What will you be wearing this Summer?
Pink adidas supercolor's!!!!!!

What’s your favourite high street brand atm?
Adidas all the way! I'm an adidas gal through and through! I do love a bit of vintage shopping though and charity shop finds! TOPSHOP is cute cause it stocks skinnydip ;) 

If you could raid someone’s wardrobe, whose would it be?
Helena's from confetti crowd - amazing colours!

What’s your favourite item by Skinnydip?
The cat case because I love cats of course! 

Whats you 3 go to tracks when DJ’ing?
SKEPTA - it ain't safe
Rebound x - rhythm n gash
So solid crew - 21 seconds

What is your most treasured possession?
A bracelet my nan bought me.

Who was the last person you chose to follow on Instagram?
*lets av a look* - @iamkittens / sick female dj and also love cats like me (hence the name)

What’s you fave blog to read on your lunch break?
My fave instagram to stalk would probably be -
(I'm not biased I swear)

Sassiest thing you have EVER said?!
Swagging on ya nan

If you were invisible for a day you would…
Try and see what my cats do when I'm not at home



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