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What Went Down: Swim Society Launch Dinner

So if you haven’t already heard, we launched Swim Society in collaboration with Love Island’s Montana Brown last week and tbh we’re still dying over how dreamy everything looked… including the new range of swimwear ready to set us all up for summer 19. An intimate dinner held at Lazy Ballerinas in Temple, Montana invited her nearest and dearest along to spread the word of the new and exciting all-inclusive swimwear brand in town that’s here to shake things up! Check out below what went down.

Swim Society Event | Bubblegum Balloons

Montana Brown | Swim Society Event

Swim Society Event | Swimwear

Swim Society Event | Menu

Laura Anderson & Camilla Thurlow | Swim Society Event

Swim Society Event | Blog

Tallia Storm & Saffron Barker | Swim Society Event

Bubblegum Balloons | Swim Society

Swim Society Event

Tape Dancers | Swim Society Event

 Credit to: Lola’s Cupcakes, Bubblegum Balloons, Apex Hotels, Katherine Mills Official (Magician), Tape Girls (Dancers), Hanina Studio (Photographer).

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