Well, it seems that winter has finally hit our beautiful island. As the temperatures drop, Christmas becomes less of a distant memory and just a stone’s throw away – and what’s better than festive dinners, presents and slightly intoxicated grandparents? Christmas parties, of course! Last night the Skinnydip team were invited to the highly anticipated annual Motel Rocks Christmas Blogger Party. Held at super funky bar Far Rockaway in Shoreditch, we joined the likes of Melon Lady, Leanne Lim Walker and Amy Valentine for a night of eating pizza, drinking pink champagne and dancing the night away (and no drunk grandmothers in sight). 

Lots of great brands were there to keep us looking fabulous throughout the party – Elegant Touch were on hand to give the girls sparkly manicures, while the girls at Divine Ink provided us all with fabulous temporary tattoos. The night’s entertainment was provided by Cici Kavanagh and our very own Zara Martin, who spun the decks and kept everyone dancing. 


We also spotted these girlies sporting their favourite Skinnydip items! Chanel from Chanellygirl looked fabulous with the Birdie clutch, while mega babes Sophie from Rebel Kitchen and Helen Melon Lady showed off their unicorn phone cases with style. 

After all that partying, we’re definitely in the mood for upcoming festivities. Bring on Christmas! 

Words: Caroline Saramowicz