If there’s one thing we know a thing or two about around the Skinnydip office it’s carbs and to celebrate World Pasta Day we’re so excited to be teaming up with Pasta Evangelists to put our roomiest pasta-tasting pants on and get to work – a real tough Tuesday in the office some may call it… 👀

Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Pasta Evangelists – where have you been?! Founded in 2016, Pasta Evangelists are on an important mission to deliver the freshest pasta, sauces and garnishes to homes across the UK. Known as the original fresh pasta recipe box, each dish features seasonally and sustainably sourced ingredients from all over Italy and serves up restaurant-quality meals at a fraction of the price.

So to celebrate the best day e-v-e-r (World Pasta Day, mark it in your calendars for future years to come), we’ve been sent some of their best dishes so we could get team building and make our very own perfect pasta creations - did someone say pasta party!? From your classic cheesy carbonara *drools* to rich and decadent ragu, don’t mind us whilst we just insert pictures of amateur pasta making *here*.

So if you’re craving a big bowl of the good stuff, we’ve got an exclusive code for you to use over on the Pasta Evangelist website. So whether you fancy switching up your meals this week or have a friend who could use a pasta pick-me-up, use code SKINNYDIP50 which will give you a whopping 50% off your first 2 orders + two indulgent tiramisù in their first order.

You can also head over to their Instagram page here where they’re giving away tons of prizes over the Halloween week! On Wednesday 26th try your luck with their Trick or Treat giveaway where you can win either a £50 or £150 Skinnydip Gift Card!