As it’s World Mental Health Day, we wanted to share with you our most essential methods of looking after your mind, body and soul with all our favourite self-care tips and tricks. When it comes to self-care we’re not just talking about your daily dose of face masks or your mani pedi on the weekends, we’re thinking way deeper! You need to manage your mind and better your body and if that is a complete foreign language to you, we’re here to help your breakthrough!
Just because we can’t see the mind doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. We need our mind for all mental functions and events, and we think you should thank it by looking after it! We’ve put together a couple of ways that will help you get by if you’re having a bit of a battle with your mind at any given point throughout your life.
1. Create a to-do list
Writing everything you need to do down and one by one being able to tick parts off will help to declutter your mind and focus on one task at a time.
2. Get a hobby
Something to completely distract you from the outside world. Whether it’s walking your dog more, taking up yoga or doing a marathon, it may help turn your life around by giving you something new to focus your energy into.
3. Tidy your space
This may sound simple but tidy up the spaces around you. Grab a bin bag and throw all that junk away that’s been sat in the same place since you were a wee baby! If you haven’t used or worn it in over a year, bin it! You’ll be surprised how much clearer your mind feels once your spaces are clearer.
4. Hit the spa
Yes, you heard us right… go somewhere proven to help switch your mind off for a while. Give your body complete relaxation and just take some time for yourself! Book yourself a massage and we guarantee you’ll walk out feeling like a new person, knot free!
A simple laugh can change your whole mood and day, and once you’re in that good mood hold on to it forever. Socialising with the people you love is the most effortless and easiest mood-booster!
6. Tap a nap/have an early night
On that early commute to work, you’ll wish you hadn’t watched that one extra episode of Gossip Girl, it’s a given. But one night a week put all your tech away early and get a few extra hours shut eye… You’ll thank us tomorrow.