Self Care Checklist | Blog | Skinnydip London
Sometimes when you’re feeling yourself talking isn’t always the easiest option, especially when you’re not actually sure why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, and we’re here to remind you that that’s okay. So in light of how important Mental Health Awareness Week is, we’ve put together a little self-care checklist, which is packed full of small things you can do to make yourself feel that little bit brighter day-to-day.
Endorphins are no lie, take out your stress by working out and let those buzzy little e’s do their thing.
Netflix & chill
There is no problem that pizza cannot fix, temporarily at least. So hit the shops and grab your favourite snacks, put some sweats on and find something good to watch.
Pamper yourself
Paint your nails, do one of those funky iron-man style facemasks, just invest half an hour in pampering yourself.
Meet someone & chat it out
It’s what friends and family members are for; so get how you’re feeling off your chest because a problem shared is a problem halved.
Play with a pet
 No seriously animals make the world a better place (we don’t deserve them!) and it’s guaranteed to make you feel brighter.
Treat yourself
To me love me is needed sometimes, so chuck away the £££ guilt and buy that bag girl.
Stay present
Detox from social media and open a book, reading a good book is great for taking your mind off things.
Tidy up
A tidy space is a tidy mind, so whether you go full hog and do a wardrobe sort out or just tidy your desk up a little, it’ll help.
Go outside
Be more present and explore a route, park or place you’ve never been. Look up more. Did you know you never see the same sky twice?
Listen to uplifting music
A good playlist can turn any frown upside down, so don’t wallow with sad songs, instead find a positive playlist and shake it off.
Plan something to look forward to
It’s proven that we all feel happier when we have something we’re looking forward to. So plan something like a holiday, spa day or a nice dinner out.