The day has finally come to announce to the world the launch of SKINNYDIP X TANGLE TEEZER. We’ve been working on some cute tropical print brushes with the cult beauty brand to keep your locks super smooth so keep an eye out for those bad boys online!

To celebrate the launch we’re bringing you some fun flamingo facts because why the hell not ya know - think pink! 

  1. Flamingo = (flame emoji). Flamingo comes from the Spanish/Latin word ‘Flamenco’, which means fire so basically Flamingoes are fireeeee 

  1. Equal flights (bad pun alert)!! Both the male and female incubate the egg and they BOTH produce the weird baby milk in their throats, kinda gross/kinda sweet.

  1. A flock of flamingoes is called a ‘Flamboyance’ awwwww

  1. Flamingoes only ever have one lover, bye bye f*ck boyz.

  1. The bend in their leg is their ankle, not their knees! The actual knee is hidden by feathers! We can’t even.

Our exclusive collab with Tangle Teezer will be available on site from April - snap one up quick girl!