Pancake Day 2019 | Blog | Skinnydip London
At last a day worth celebrating!!! Our favourite food day of the year is just around the corner and quite frankly we’re pretty damn hyped about it. Whether you’re into a traditional lemon and sugar stack or you’re looking for fluffy pancakes that pack a little extra punch, we’ve got you covered with our handy 2019 pancake day guide!
Pancake Day 2019 | The Breakfast Club | Skinnydip London
From sweet to savoury stacks of serious pancake porn, The Breakfast Club take this momentous day very seriously. We’re talking crispy duck creations, Kentucky fried concoctions and wait for it… a deep fried apple pancake pie soaked in a stream of custard. Oh and don’t forget you can eat for free if you fancy munching through 12 pancakes in 12 minutes!
Pancake Day 2019 | Queen of Hoxton | Skinnydip London
Now this place is more than just pancakes, this is a full fun-filled experience that you defo won’t regret! The Queen of Hoxton will be serving up buttermilk pancakes from 4-9.30pm and you’ll be able to build your own with their topping station downstairs. Oh and they’ll also be serving up Raclette up on their Moulin Rouge style rooftop so if pancakes don’t take your fancy on the 5th, enjoy the cheesy “Moulin Ooze” instead!
Pancake Day 2019 | Polo Bar | Skinnydip London
As voted by The Evening Standard, this menu of fluffy goodness certainly won’t disappoint! From English breakfast to boozy creations and red velvet stacks (topped with an actual slab of red velvet cake!!!) **drools**, there’s something for every pancake lover at this 24 hour Polo Bar.
Pancake Day 2019 | My Old Dutch | Skinnydip London

If you need a wealth of options this pancake day then My Old Dutch is the place to go! If you’re not a sweet pancake kinda gal/guy then they offer unique pancakes like chicken curry, chilli con carne and even lamb stew!? But don’t worry, if you are actually all about the sweeter things in life, the endless list of toppings and combo’s of flavours is simply incredible, so get yourself down there!

Pancake Day 2019 | Bluebird Chelsea | Skinnydip London
It’s time to get battered!! No seriously, that’s what their pancake day event is called, but if you fancy tackling a top quality stack of the good stuff then Bluebird is the place to go! We’re talking 2 hours of bottomless pancakes and prosecco that’ll have your tummy feeling happier than ever!