Turns out, we’ve been doing our makeup wrong this whole time - whoops! Thanks to TikTok and a number of fabulous people sharing their hacks with us, we’ll never have to struggle with makeup ever again.

From the ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ to the slightly bizarre, here are the TikTok beauty hacks we’re obsessed with!


Struggle with eyeliner? Yeah, us too! This hack is the perfect place to start if you’re a bit of an eyeliner novice. Simply apply your favourite eyeliner to the upper rim of your eyelash curler, and when you curl your lashes the eyeliner will be pressed right onto your lids. Make sure you curl your lashes all the way at the base and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! The end result is a great eyeliner line that you can add onto and touch up to your liking - try a winged look or keep it simple with a bold line, the choice is yours!


Now this viral hack is something we’ve been dying to try! It involves generously applying red lipstick to your face before any of your other makeup. It sounds weird, but it actually works! Apply the lipstick to your cheeks, forehead, and nose, add a bit of contour and concealer, and blend out. At this point, you’ll look a little like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants - but keep going! Now that you’ve blended the lipstick out, apply your foundation over the top (yes, over the top!) and watch as you become a glowing beauty with a healthy but natural tint of pink to your face. Seriously, try it!


For fabulous heatless curls, you’ve gotta try this hack! It involves socks (keep listening…), a leave-in hair conditioner or spray, and that’s it! Start by applying your usual leave-in conditioner before bed, grab some fluffy socks and divide your hair in half. Divide the first half into three sections and wrap each section one by one around the sock, finish by pulling the sock up over your hair to keep it in place. Do the same to the other side and jump into bed! In the morning, pull off the socks to reveal your gorgeous, heatless curls. A truly effortless look!


Facial rollers aren’t just perfect for massaging your face! Instead of using a brush or sponge that soaks up quite a lot of the product, try using a roller to apply your foundation. It provides a much more even coverage, lets you use even less of the product and, to top it all off, still serves its main purpose of massaging your face!


If you’re not using this hack yet, now is the time to start! Create fluffier, fuller-looking brows by using an eyebrow brush and a bar of soap. Collect some of the damp soap onto the spoolie and apply it to your eyebrows using an upward motion. Next, fill in your brows with your fave eyebrow pencil and you’re done! It’s the key to creating a natural brow look without spending a penny.