Unlikely fashion icons are always the best, the ones you wouldn't ever admit to or come with a hint of humour. We've all been there with a bit of Dolly Parton love or fallen in love with Andie's DIY style in Pretty In Pink channelling serious 80's vibes and then there are gals like Enid and Rebecca in Ghost World.

If you're going for the queen of cult classics look, take inspiration from Ghost World and you'll be sure to nail it. Rock Enid's "original punk look" or go for Rebecca's muted down style, either way the duo are fab and being the outsider has never been so on trend, even if you can't relate to 99% of humanity.

If you've not seen Ghost World it is certainly one to watch, especially if you're a lover of Teen Suicides, Pretty In Pink or Submarine you'll be sure to get an equal dosage of fashion inspo and film love all in one. 


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