It’s Sunday and your already ready for the week to be over. You already know your gonna want some extra sleep Monday morning. So we advise you to pick out your clothes today to save time, and you will probably look extra cute for the day.

Wake me up when its Friday

Feeling the Monday morning blues? You probably stayed late last night watching Netflix and need 20 more minutes. It’s alright we know your pain. But don’t worry babe, its 2 more sleeps to Hump Day!

Need coffee, like NOW! 

Still half awake? We recommend for your morning coffee fix, you get some fresh air and head over to your fav coffee shop. If you’re in St John’s Wood or Hampsted we recommend you heading over to Gail’s Bakery for a Maple bacon brioche to pair with your coffee.

Fake it till you make it 

Monday is the new FRIDAY! Just cos it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Grab the girls and go have fun. We recommend The Bat and Ball in Westfield Stratford. They have some delicious food, fun cocktails and a range of different Ping Pong games to play. You will defo have a laugh.

TV makes it better 

Wipe your tears babe. IT’S TUESDAY! That means is Great British bake-off day, which means that we only have 1 day left to Hump day.

Chill babes

It’s time to RELAX! After a gruelling day at work you deserve a break. We recommend taking a long bubble bath with our Soak It Up bubble bath while of course watching your fav Netflix show. Pair it with one of our face masks for the ultimate unwind treatment.

You did it! 

Congratulations!! You’ve made it to hump day. Plus its only 3 days to the mother f**cking weekend! Shake ya money maker!