We’re talking all things International Women’s Day this week and what better way to kick it off then by sharing the best of this years campaigns, happenings and events. #BalanceforBetter is the hashtag behind the IWD organisation this year, so let’s all work together to build and create a far more gender-balanced world!
A powerful video from Nike set to encourage women to dream crazier. Starring Tennis sensation Serena Williams and a number of incredible women who’ve achieved amazing things, this video highlights the divide between how men and women are perceived in moments of intense emotion. Spreading the message that if you’re a woman in 2019, it’s okay to be crazy.
Hate Sucks x Benefit Cosmetics Panel Event
Yup you guessed it! We’re hosting our very own workshop event on the 6th to celebrate International Women’s Day. We want to encourage each and every one of you to celebrate yourself, your achievements and learn to love each and every aspect of yourself. Led by influencer Simone Powderly, we’ll be creating vision boards, writing letters to our future selves, and spreading positivity around like confetti! So stay tuned on our social platform here for all the updates.
It goes without saying that Barbie has been preeeetty busy over the last 60 years with over 200 diverse careers! So this year off the back of their 2018 ‘Shero’ Dolls, Barbie is encouraging women to achieve their sweetest dreams in their collaboration with Sugafina, with 100% of net proceeds going to StepUp. From Athlete Barbie, to Firefighter Barbie and Pilot Barbie, this campaign is all about showcasing Barbies endless potential since 1959.
& Other Stories
Partnering up with the Los Angeles City Municipal Dance Squad, & Other Stories aren’t pushing any products this IWD, but instead simply encouraging women to let loose and enjoy the joy of dancing and being a little weird. It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s a little crazy, and that’s why we are totally loving this campaign!