To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’ve put together a list of some random acts of kindness to inspire you! Even the smallest gesture has the power to make someone’s week, so get out there and spread some positivity!


Compliment someone

How many times have you walked past a girl in the coolest outfit you’ve ever seen and thought: “wow, that’s the coolest outfit I’ve ever seen!”. A lot of the time we don’t verbalise compliments - but think back to how it felt when you were last complimented. Good, right? That’s why you’ve gotta start speaking out! Say something nice about your friends, family and colleagues and watch as a big grin grows onto their face.


Give a gift

Gifting is one of the strongest love languages out there! Get creative and make something from scratch. You may not be Picasso, but it really doesn’t matter how it looks - the effort you put in is the gift itself! Show you care with a thoughtful gift; go out of your way to buy something your loved one mentioned in passing or choose something you think they might like. Whatever the gift might be, it’s a selfless gesture that anyone would appreciate.


Write a kind note

Sometimes it’s hard to say the things that you want to say to those special people around you! Try putting your genuine thoughts down onto paper. With our lives being mostly online these days, a handwritten note can really add a sentimental and thoughtful touch to an already kind message. It might not seem like a lot, but it will defo mean something to the person you’re giving it to!


Help someone out

It’s time to do some good deeds in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day! Whether it be helping your neighbours mow their lawn or looking after your cousins’ cat while they’re away, a good gesture can really make someone’s day. Remember - it can be literally anything, as long as it makes someone smile!


Donate to charity

Now is the perfect time to get charitable! There are so many different charities it can be difficult to know which is best to donate to. Be sure to do your research and choose a charity that really speaks to you! You’ll feel good knowing you donated towards a great cause.

Just because it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day doesn’t mean you should keep your good deeds only for today! Spread positivity wherever you go by giving a compliment here and there, gifting things to your fave people unprompted, and doing something charitable! We should all aim to be kind as much of possible to make the world a happier place.