So what is dopamine dressing? ☀️

Dopamine is well-known for being the happy chemical. Scientifically, bold, bright colours have a positive impact on our brains, so the idea behind dopamine dressing is simple: dressing in bright colours and fun patterns will improve our mood.

We’re all in need of joy this year and our wardrobes are at the rescue - time to get planning on some new, mood-boosting fits!

Experiment with patterns 🐄

Patterned clothing isn’t for everybody, but in the last couple of years patterns and prints have been rising in popularity!

A new year means plenty of room for experimenting, so push those plain jumpers aside and try out something a little different - whether it be simple checkered patterns, cute flower prints or something more elaborate!

Wear your favourite colours 🌈

What’s your favourite colour? From pinks and purples to blues and yellows, each of us likes something totally different.

What better way to boost your mood than strutting around in the most gorgeous powder blue? Or maybe a bold and passionate red is more your vibe? Nothing beats the feeling of wearing colours that you love, love, loooove!

Can’t decide your favourite? Go full rainbow with a mix of colours, or add a some sparkle for that extra bit of glamour. Anything goes with dopamine dressing!

Select your style 💎

When we look good, we feel good - that’s just a fact! Whether you like jeans and baggy sweatshirts or crop tops and skirts, dress to feel confident! With confidence comes happiness, so ditch the haters and wear whatever styles speak to you.

If it makes you happy, put it on - the brighter, the better!

Add a pop of colour 🎨

Now, we know walking around in fuchsia pink and neon yellow isn’t for everybody - but that doesn’t mean you still can’t add something vibrant here and there! A simple pop of colour can do wonders, so consider grabbing a brightly coloured handbag, pair of shoes or hat to complete your outfit!

Stay true to you 💅

At the end of the day, you’ll feel at your happiest and most confident when you’re wearing the colours, prints, and styles that you’re most comfortable in. Just be yourself, style your outfits the way you want, and stay true to you! Following this rule means you’ll always feel and look good!