Ever wanted to buy a product but need a little advice on whether it actually works or not? Well here at Skinnydip we’re building the bridge over the river, so you can head straight to the rainbow where skincare dreams are made of without dropping a ton of money on products that don’t work! This week we’re trialing vegan-friendly and cruelty free BYBI so read on to see how we got on with their new range of products.

Tried & Tested | BYBI Beauty | Skinnydip London

1. What is it? Bakuchiol Skin Booster
What did you think? I was super excited when I was asked to try this product! Bakuchiol is said to have healing properties as well as mirroring the benefits of a retinol, which promotes the production of collagen and help with signs of aging – it's good to start early guys.
I use the oil as part of my PM routine, adding one or two drops to my moisturiser and working it into my face, neck, chest area and hands. BYBI is vegan friendly brand so I don’t have to worry about the irritation I’ve had in the past from prescription retinols. My skin feels nourished, soft and I’ve had less breakouts due to the blend of Bakuchiol and Olive Squalane which mirrors your skins natural oils. I’ve also noticed old scars starting to fade too which is a huge bonus!
Tried & Tested | BYBI Beauty | Skinnydip London
2. What is it? Mega Mist
What did you think? I’m generally quite skeptical when it comes to trying new skin products just because I never know what’s going to make me break out or not, but I was pleasantly surprised with BYBI’s Mega Mist! I’ve never used a mist before but as someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, I’ve definitely fallen in love with it! I spray it on my face when I wake up for a quick freshen up and before bed as the hyaluronic acid makes my skin feel dewy and bright when I wake up, so a big thumbs up from me.
Tried & Tested | BYBI Beauty | Skinnydip London
3. What is it? Babe Balm
What did you think? I am a balm addict, and this has become a handbag essential for me. I am the person who always has lip balm, hand cream and face cream on them at all times and the Babe Balm can cater for all of those needs! It’s perfect for adding a bit of glow on a bare face, but can also double as hand balm, lip balm, whatever-you-need-it-to-be balm. Not only is it 100% vegan and packed with ingredients that help keep the skin feeling soft, the bottle is made from biodegradable sugar cane which reduces my plastic impact on the planet. Love. it.
Tried & Tested | BYBI Beauty | Skinnydip London
4. What is it? Supercharge Serum (back in stock soon, sign up for notifications here)
What did you think? This product has made such a difference to my skin! The product is super smooth to apply and makes a perfect base before my moisturiser or even on its own before bed. The “supercharge” element comes from the natural antioxidants that the plant-based oils provide, which aim to replenish skin and keep it hydrated. It also smells amazing and is 100% vegan!
Tried & Tested | BYBI Beauty | Skinnydip London
5. What is it? Lip Plumper & Buffer Set
What did you think? A life saver. I took this kit away with me while I went on holiday and it kept my lips hydrated whilst being in the sun all day. I used the buffer scrub in the morning and in the evenings to exfoliate and as a bonus it tasted great. Throughout the day I used the plumper which kept my lips smooth. Would highly recommend this set and will buy again.