We’ve just launched some exciting new beauty products and we just can’t wait for you to get your hands on them! Clue: it involves something more commonly used in mines... Think you know where we’re going with this? Well, stick with us as we tell you the top benefits of introducing charcoal into your beauty regime and even your diet (uh huh, we said diet)!
It has magical antibacterial properties
Charcoal Face Masks | Blog Posts | Skinnydip London
Suffering with acne, blackheads or clogged pores? Well charcoal might just be the answer to all your problems. Placed on the skin in the form of a mask, scrub or cleanser it’s known to fight surface bacteria whilst drawing out all your skin’s impurities and reducing inflammation.
Your skin gets a well-deserved detoxifying and deep clean
Charcoal Face Masks | Blog Posts | Skinnydip London
Everyday pollutants and boozy nights out really do take their toll on your skin, often leaving you harbouring some nasty toxins that not even a big mac meal can fix. But guess what, you can count on charcoal to lend a helping hand. The hangover may remain, but a charcoal mask can certainly bring your skin back to life.
Teeth appear whiter
Charcoal Face Masks | Blog Posts | Skinnydip London
Want teeth as white as Jack from Love Island? Well, one of charcoal’s many talents is absorbing plaque and other teeth staining properties to create a more noticeably whiter smile. So, make a choice between charcoal toothpaste or powder and prepare to say cheese.
It could be the cure to a hangover
Charcoal Trend | Blog Posts | Skinnydip London
Sick off feeling slightly worse for wear every Saturday morning? By adding charcoal to your hungover day diet, you might actually start to feel human again after that wild gals’ night out. When ingested, the detoxifying qualities draw all the gruesome toxins out of your body, leaving you feeling less sicky than before.
Hair seems volumized
Benefits of Charcoal | Blog Posts | Skinnydip London
I bet using charcoal to wash your hair wasn’t on today’s to-do list, right? But you’re most certainly missing a trick. Mix a small amount in with your regular shampoo and watch it draw out impurities from your scalp, reduce oiliness and maximise volume in the process, woo!
Now that we’ve shown you all charcoal’s magically life-changing talents, we’re excited to be stocking just a few of these miracle products from Masque Bar that you can shop via the link below!