It’s Super Bowl season and JT is set to perform at the halftime show *SCREAMS* and what better way to celebrate than list 5 reasons why its basically impossible to not love him... 


It was touch and go when he left NSYNC but JT proved to be a star on his own with every album getting better than the last he's managed to win our hearts and our ears song after song. Can someone say "CRY ME A RIVVEERRRR!"

2. He's funny AF! 

His appearances on Saturday Night Live including the infamous Beyonce sketch brought us life! Plus he's one of the few singers who has successfully made it on to the big screen without making us cringe, think Friends with Benefits. 

3. He's the cutest dad EVERRR

Every picture JT posts with his baby boy, we just die.He's major #DaddyGoals  

    4. He Brought Sexy Back 

    He looks good in a suit, he looks good in jeans, he looks great in a tracksuit, there is nothing this man cannot pull off let's be honest! 

    5. He's #CoupleGoals

     Ok, so we're sad he's not on the market however his marriage to Actress Jessica Biel is totally acceptable because not only are they freakin' relationship goals but they make adorable babies so we're ok with it.