A few of our favourite Clueless moments


A few of our favourite Clueless moments

From the trend-setting fashion to the endless amounts of truly iconic quotes that come from our favourite 90’s film Clueless. We thought we’d look back on some of our favourite clueless moments ahead of our limited edition collection of slogan tees and jumpers!


From their unbeatable fashion to their brutal honesty, Cher and Dionne showed us everything we need to look for in a good friend, and we fell hook line and sinker for this unbeatable duo!


Showing us a peek at what our future hopefully looks like, an early scene in the movie that'll always be a favourite of ours is Cher using her computer to select an outfit for her. If only life could be that simple eh!?


From terms like granola breath to airhead these two clearly have an undeniable chemistry from the get-go and we are here for it. Every good relationship stems from a incredibly sarcastic friendship right?


From designer dresses to oversized hats and of course the famous check two-pieces - if there's one thing Clueless isn't short of it's fearless fashion. Brb off to cut all of our favourite t-shirts into cute crops.


You can tell she’s just a pure soul from the minute she comes on screen. Fastly becoming Cher’s prodigy, we love everything about Tai - from her crazy hair to her clumsiness and sweet nature. (Although we'll defo note down her “you’re a virgin who can’t drive” comment as a momentary lapse of character!).


There's far too many Cher moments to mention that we literally laughed out loud at when rewatching Clueless. But we really felt like she spoke to our soul on many occasions, from her innocence to the iconic "I know it sounds mental, but sometimes I have more fun vegging out than I do partying" line. So here's a moment to just appreciate Cher Horowitz on a level.

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