By Maisie Flaherty, Intern at Skinnydip

My bag holds lots of important things in it, but it's all organised so I have everything I could ever need in it. In cases of emergencies or just fashion emergencies my bag is always filled, so here is a list of a few of my favourite things to help you get through. 

Balm is a must! 

Dry lips are the worst, you never want your lips to look anything other than luscious. This rose lips by Vaseline also offers a tint in with the balm almost looking like a lipstick, without even trying. A must when stranded somewhere or especially for the cold winter months. 

Sanitise for life! 

Hand sanitiser has been used more due to Covid-19, when travelling or going out this is a must if you are feeling dirty or unclean. Also, you might not have access to a sink and water, so this is the best chance of getting rid of bacteria. 

Blister queen! 

Walking around with blisters is the worst and can even cause infections in server cases. A plaster provides a cushion for the blister reducing the pain and starts the healing process quicker. Walking around you want to be comfy and confident, and plasters are definitely an essential especially if you’re breaking in your new shoes. 

Rich b*tch! 

Making sure you always have your card or money on you its' an essential. If you end up needing a bite to eat or if you're in a predicament. Also, if you usually use apple pay on your phone it might start playing up and then you might get stranded somewhere, which is the last thing that you want. 

Listen up! 

If you are travelling headphones are a necessity before you leave your house the playlist, better be on point. Listening to music or podcasts makes the travel time quicker. Music has a positive connotation and can positively impact how people start their day, so start it right. 

You smell good! 

You always want to smell good especially if you’re in for a long day just a little refresh can change everything. Studies shows that smelling good can boost overall attraction, also if you need to feel fresh a little spritze can go a long way.   

Call me! 

In 2022 you CAN NOT leave your house without your phone. Nomophobia is real, It's the fear of losing/ leaving the house without your phone. Our phones are our digital comfort blanket, and it comes everywhere with us.