Hold off on the selfies and the boomerangs, because we have found the Instagram trend you need be following! That's right, it's a new wave for the 'life-of-a-millennial' and we are totally all for it. Introducing the PLANDID - the new self-indulgence for the inner Instagrammer in all of us!


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 Revolutionising the meaning of candid, the plandid is proving selfies (and action-snaps by your friends) are so last year. Whether you're feeling your killa' look with your Skinnydip gear or you're on holiday in your best shades, the plandid is about planning the perfect candid which is bound to fill your friends with envy.

That's right babes, move aside the Sunday brunch, put on the self-timer - and give your feed the full 2017 makeover.  While we're already joining the bandwagon down at HQ, we decided to do some research and nail down our favourite plandids - providing to us the insta' inspo we can only dream of (swoon).  


Glow 🌅💛

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Bella Hadid has left us wishing we had that photographer friend to follow us around all holi-yay. 



 Megan giving us the #SHOTGOALS for when we're working our Skinnydip faves.


Ready for Italy next week Pt. 1

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Negin nails the perfect snap with self-love and a to-die-for location!


Morning 🇯🇲

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Sofia proving a selfie of her shades, are sometimes, just not enough.



normal girls in a normal world

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Lastly, the queen of snaps. Kylie Jenner's Instagram proving your perfect plandid doesn't have to be about you, but can involve your bezzie too.

Want to take the perfect PLANDID for yourself? Snap up the essentials!

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