Hey everyone! I hope you’re all making the most of your time at home and not letting the covid-19 pandemic get you down! With so many of us now working from home, it can be hard to adapt your normal work schedule to your home environment. So here are my Top Tips to successfully make the most of your home office!

1. Find your office spot and keep it!

Maintaining a dedicated office space within your home is crucial to productively working from home. Even if you move throughout the day, having a space were you can go to make calls or concentrate is key. A lot of people may not have an office or suitable space to work from but you can improvise and find a corner that works for you (and the rest of your household!).

2. Organise your day

Sticking to your usual schedule as much as possible will allow for a smoother transition back to working from an office – whenever that actually happens! Especially if you work on a lot of collaboration projects, maintaining your normal work timetable will make organising time to speak to colleagues much easier. It is also important to adhere to your regular hours and not work early or late just because you have extra time, you need time to relax and unwind after a days’ work!

3. Take breaks every hour 

Even if you only walk around your house or go outside and get some fresh air, it helps with productivity and to keep our minds at ease when we’re in the same environment all day. It’s also super important to keep drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

4. Communicate!!

Speak to your colleagues every day! This seems like a given but a whole day could easily pass by without speaking to colleagues if you are in a company or business that operates without collaboration work. It’s also nice to speak to someone that doesn’t live in your household just for a general chat! When everyone is working from home and not sitting a desk away, it’s crucial to communicate on a daily basis to make sure all of your work is being done and that there are no overlaps.

5. Distance yourself from distractions

We are all guilty of getting sucked in by an online sale or news headline, but aside from websites, it’s really important to leave your phone away from your workspace if possible. You’d be surprised how many messages come in throughout the day that will distract you from work. Keep your webpage tabs to work only and schedule time in the evening for online browsing if that’s what you like to do.

These are just some of my top tips to successfully work from home. Hope you enjoyed and are finding working from home a treat!

Stay safe xx