How Sex Toys Can Boost Your Confidence


How Sex Toys Can Boost Your Confidence

From giving you the sensation of oral sex, to mimicking the thrusting motions of penetrative sex, there's a lot that sex toys can do.

I think we can all agree that sex toys are awesome. But what you might not realise is when it comes to upping your sexual confidence, they can make a real difference. From orgasming for the first time, to improving your communication abilities, here are some of the many ways a sex toy can boost your confidence.


Sex toys, lubes and other sexy essentials all have one purpose in life: to give you the best sex possible. One of the reasons sex should be on your to do list is; orgasms release oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the ‘love hormone’ which, besides enhancing the feeling of bonding with a partner, also helps relieve tension and stimulates feelings of intimacy and happiness.

If you’re sharing amazing orgasms with a partner, those bonding chemicals will help the formation of trust between you. A better bond means you could feel more at ease with each other and ultimately more confident in your relationship.


Being a proud owner of a sex toy (and knowing how to use it) can help you to discover what really turns you on in the bedroom. Being aware of your sexual desires and being able to communicate these with a partner is empowering. Simply by expresses what you want and how you want it can result in both parties feeling more confident when it comes to sex. Try it and thank us later.


Sex toys aren’t supposed to replace your partner. In fact, an overwhelming number of sex toys are designed to be used by couples together. Even the ones designed predominantly for solo use can double up as a couple’s toy. 

Did you know that 4 out of 5 vulva owners struggle to orgasm from penetrative intercourse? Worse yet, 1 in 3 of us have trouble achieving orgasm at all. Performance anxiety can affect anyone, so it’s no wonder that both partners might feel the pressure. Involving sex toys in your intimate play can help both of you to enjoy a blissful finish, easing any performance concerns, and improving confidence in the bedroom.


Buying and using sex toys is a wonderful act of self-empowerment. It’s a step forward in owning
your sexuality and ensuring your own sexual satisfaction - this in itself can boost your

Then again, buying sex toys can be an act of self empowerment, or simply a chance to treat
yourself. Much like gifting yourself with a nice haircut or new shoes - saying ‘I deserve this,’ reaffirms your self-worth, which is fundamental in feeling confident.


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