It’s cold, it’s wet and we’re no longer surrounded by a mass of Christmas chocolate, baileys and overall twinkly festive joy *insert cries*. So what better way to kick off the new year than by making the most of your 2023 annual leave! This year you can turn just 19 days of holiday into a whopping 47 days just by being savvy with your allowance and merging your holiday with all the bank holidays too. We’ve made a list of all the dates you need to really make the most of your allowance this year, plus holiday destinations that would work at that time of year too. So what are you waiting for? Get those requests in ASAP!


The very first of our 10 for 4 days deal this year and what better time of the year for it to fall than good old Easter! Contemplating planning a little city break or just fancy some extra time to snack on Easter eggs and hot cross buns? Well if you book the 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th of April off you’ll get a dreamy 10 day stretch thanks to Easter Sunday and Good Friday!

Where’s good to go in April?

Seville, Spain – Average temperatures of 24°C high; 11°C low

Marrakech, Morocco - Average temperatures of 23°C high; 11°C low

Lisbon, Portugal – Average temperatures of 19°C high; 11°C low

Paris, France – Average temperatures of 14°C high; 5°C low


You can say a big thanks to monarchy for this one! Get 10 days off for just 4 in May thanks to May Bank Holiday weekend and the long-awaited coronation of King Charles. Book off the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of May and get a lovely long week + 3 off.

Where’s good to go in May?

Malta – Average temperatures of 24°C high; 15°C low

Munich, Germany - Average temperatures of 19°C high; 8°C low

Sicily, Italy – Average temperatures of 22°C high; 12°C low

Dublin, Ireland – Average temperatures of 15°C high; 6°C low


The big Spring Bank Holiday is always a great time to take some leave. Firstly it marks around the halfway point of the year so by this point we’re all feeling a little frazzled and needing a break. But secondly we’re in the peak of Spring and fast approaching Summer too, the days are lighter, the weather is warmer and it’s overall good vibes in the UK and in tons of places abroad too. So soak up Spring and take May 30th + 31st and 1st June too to get 9 days off for just 4 of your allowance.

Where’s good to go in May/June?

Croatia - Average temperatures of 27°C high; 16°C low

Menorca, Spain – Average temperatures of 26°C high; 17°C low

Warsaw, Poland – Average temperatures of 22°C high; 11°C low

Copenhagen – Average temperatures of 20°C high; 12°C low


After some summer fun? Well we’ve got the perfect set of dates for you to book off if you fancy a little over a week off at the end of august/early September. With the summer bank holiday falling on August 28th, if you book off August 29th, 30th, 31st and 1st September too you’ll get 9 days off for just 4 days leave. Is it too soon to start bikini shopping?

Where’s good to go in August/September?

Cancun, Mexico – Average temperatures of 33°C high; 24°C low

Ibiza, Spain – Average temperatures of 30°C high; 21°C low

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Average temperatures of 22°C high; 13°C low

Edinburgh, Scotland – Average temperatures of 18°C high; 11°C low


Taking time to recharge your batteries over the festive period is important, and thanks to Christmas & Boxing day falling at the start of the week if you take just 3 days annual leave (Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th & Friday 29th) you’ll get 10 whole days off thanks to weekends and bank holidays - can we get a hell yeah!

Where’s good to go in December?

Maldives – Average temperatures of 30°C high; 25°C low

New York City, USA – Average temperatures of 8°C high; -3°C low

Strasbourg, France – Average temperatures of 5°C high; 0°C low

Berlin, Germany – Average temperatures of 4°C high; 0°C low