Our Guide To Nailing Student Life | Blog | Skinnydip London
Student life can be tough. You’re tired, you’re poor, you’re lacking in basic nutrition and you’re basically a cross between those three things pretty much all of the time. So to make that student struggle that little bit easier we’ve rounded up a few ways to nail student life that require minimal fuss for maximum impact.
Download the Forest app
Our Guide To Nailing Student Life | Blog | Skinnydip London
Voted the #1 app for productivity, it’s no secret that our phones can be the biggest distraction when it comes down to studying and getting stuff done. With the Forest app, all you need to do is simply plant a tree, set your timer for how long you want to be off your phone for and let your tree grow whilst you work away. Not only is it great if you’re looking to be more present, but this app also teams up with a real life tree-planting organisation who plant trees in developing countries if you save up your leaf coins! Cool right?
Plan your meals
Our Guide To Nailing Student Life | Blog | Skinnydip London
As great as a 1AM dominos delivery is when you’ve been out partying all night (and let’s not forget how crucial that leftover pizza is to surviving your hangover the next day either…) – there’s always a lingering seed of regret when you realise you’ve spent more than a weeks’ worth of funds on a box of delightfully doughy, cheesy goodness. Each week plan all your meals out and try your best to meal prep where you can to keep you on the straight and narrow. It’s as simple as that! 
A good pack of highlighters is E S S E N T I A L
Our Guide To Nailing Student Life | Blog | Skinnydip London
Do not underestimate the power of a good pack of highlighters my friend. Whether you can just about afford the standard neon pack of four or you’re able to push that boat out and splash the cash on some pretty pastel numbers, highlighting really is the golden ticket when it comes to staying super organised. Highlight important facts, quotes, to-dos and more and nail student life one colour at a time.
Invest in a whiteboard
Notebooks are great… but investing in a little (or large) whiteboard for your bedroom is a great way to keep all your important lectures, deadlines and nights out up in front of you so physically can’t forget no matter how hungover you are. Get yourself some cool coloured markers and get creative so it makes a cute yet practical addition to your bedroom.