Q&A With Emmy Lupin


Q&A With Emmy Lupin

Hey! Let’s get to know you a little better. Introduce yourself and tell us more about you as an artist.


I’m Emmy, a Nottingham based illustrator working under the moniker Emmy Lupin Studio. I’ve been a freelance illustrator for around 4 years, specialising in digital illustration that's big on pattern and colour. My work is inspired by looking at life through a female lense - aiming to be relatable, positive and fun with an edge. I’ve illustrated books and worked with brands such as adidas, TikTok and Nasty Gal - and I also have a shop where I sell prints and giftware. My shop started off online and last year I also opened an IRL space in Nottingham too - which is part studio part retail shop. 


What was the inspiration behind your collection?

I love all things colour, and I wanted to create a collection that had a summer feel. The collection basically encapsulates all the things I love - colourful landscapes, 70s disco vibes, bold type, and cute dogs. The moody bitch club is inspired by my own little dog, Dot, who is a Bichon Frise and the sassiest pet you’ll meet. 


Tell us a bit about how the design process worked?

I based the artwork on some of my bestselling art prints, and mixed them up so that they would work as a collection together. I created a mood board of some of the work I wanted to include, then cut it down to the three ideas, and created a core colour palette. I work on my iPad so I then drew the artwork on procreate. 

What's your favourite design from the collection and why?

It’s so hard to choose! I love the colourful landscape, because it gives that feel of a summer spent outdoors. Bold colour clashes and patterns really have my heart, and I think it’s a phone case that compliments every outfit and mirror selfie. That being said, I obviously love the moody bitch club too, because me & Dot are core members. 

Where do you go when you're looking for inspiration?

IRL I think people matching can really provide some good inspo. Going from a coffee with a sketchbook and sitting outside can provide some good outfit inspiration, patterns on clothing, noticing the interactions between people. I am really inspired by every day life, women, friendships, that sort of thing. Going for a walk in nature or a new city. Also, Pinterest and instagram always - I’m always saving things and writing stuff down. I want to be inspired by life all the time, and when you start actively noticing things, inspiration is everywhere. 

Where can people find you on socials?

@emmylupinstudio on Instagram & TikTok!

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