Realistic New Years Resolutions - One Month In!


Realistic New Years Resolutions - One Month In!

As we are already 1 month into 2024, us at Skinnydip London wanted to share with you some of our New Years Resolutions that we have been working on so far. Unlike many unrealistic resolutions which we’re sure you have come across on social media, we wanted to provide you with our favourite resolutions which don’t totally suck!

1. Be kind to yourself 💖 

This year is all about stopping being so hard on yourself! It is so important to tell yourself it is ok to make mistakes and reduce this idea of perfection. This positive view is likely to limit stress and block out all that unwanted negative energy that we can happily leave in 2023!

2. Taking at least one day a month as a self care day 🧖‍♀️  

Self- care is the new IN of 2024! We are encouraging you all to choose one day every month completely dedicated to looking after yourself and your wellbeing! Whether that is dancing to Taylor Swift for hours, going on a shopping spree or doing that 2 hour skincare routine you’ve always wanted to! With all the stresses we all have in our lives, taking care of ourselves must be a priority in 2024.

3. Start reading 📚   

Us at Skinnydip LOVE reading at the moment and totally recommend it for all of you in 2024! Reading lets you escape from reality and become completely obsessed and invested in the lives of other people, which we love to do! Whether you’re interested in sci fi, fiction, romance or action, there are books out there for anyone and everyone. Dm us with your recommendations as we would love to know what you are all reading!

4. Say YES more 🙌 

NO is one word we definitely say way too much … so in 2024 we want to say yes! We know this is scary! But, if this is going to be a year with no regrets, we think saying yes to all those scary and new opportunities is part of the answer. Whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, booking that holiday, or pursuing that sport you love, 2024 is the year to stop pushing them aside! By throwing yourself into these new situations, you are experiencing new environments, meeting new people and adding so much more excitement into your lives, making sure YOU are the main character this year!

5. Start Journalling ✏️ 

Journaling is another thing that we will be trying out in 2024 and it’s super easy! All you have to do is buy a cute journal from anywhere and get writing. Not only does it allow you to write out all your feelings, instead of venting them out to the wrong people, but it also helps you to keep on top of all the tasks you have to do. We will definitely not be forgetting any deadlines in 2024!

6. Make your social media more positive 📱 

Last but certainly not least, one thing we will definitely being doing in 2024 to block out all that negative and toxic energy is revamping our social media recommendations and for you pages! We think that following more body positive and self- compassion social media accounts will help everyone to feel happier and more confident in themselves.


Hopefully all these resolutions will help 2024 to be YOUR YEAR!


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