Tell us about yourself
I’m 19 years old and I currently live close to London but grew up in the countryside in Hampshire. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and had a very warped perception of my body. I missed a big chunk of my childhood due to being hospitalised for anorexia between the ages of 12-18, however, I wouldn’t change what happened. Pulling myself out of anorexia will always be the hardest thing I have ever done and now I know I can handle anything. I have so much more appreciation for life now, as well as a much more respectful relationship with my body. I may not love it, but I will never tear it apart again!
How did you become involved with Swim Society?
I was sent to the castings over at Skinnydip HQ by my agent. I was so nervous as it was my very first casting (I'd only been signed with my agent for about 2 days!) and I had no idea how these things worked. However, the team were so welcoming, my nerves melted away and I survived the casting with no major mishaps! They decided to take a chance on me and bring me along to the location shoot in Tenerife even though I was (and still am) very new to modelling.
Amanda Roe | Swim Society
What are your favourite pieces from the collection?
This is such a hard question because I honestly love them all. I haven’t stopped raving about the quality and fit of all the pieces since I left Tenerife! If I had to pick then I would say the Roma Swimsuit with the frills. It looks amazing on! I felt like some kind of exotic island princess whilst wearing it, like the salsa dancer emoji, ahah 💃 💃 💃
Give us the best BTS shoot story we didn’t get to see?
Probably the man and his tractor during the beach shoot. From all the pictures, I’m sure it looks like we were on a deserted island, but early on in the day this guy was driving his tractor up and down the beach right behind where we were taking pictures. I don't really understand what he was up to but I do know that he was having the best day of his life with Swim Society babes everywhere!
Amanda Roe | Swim Society
You’ve been open about your struggle with body image, what would be your advice to anyone struggling?
I think rule number one for anyone trying to make steps towards a more positive self-image is remembering it is a life long journey, not an overnight fix. The way you view yourself is all to do with your mindset, which can change on a daily basis. I starved myself for years, thinking that self-satisfaction was a weight on the scales and the next kilo to be lost would finally be enough. It never is and therefore you end up on a path that only leads to your own self destruction.
You need to understand and tell yourself that how you are right now is enough and not a single thing about you needs to change. You have permission to stay exactly as you are without guilt or shame. Never let your body stop you from doing what you love. You were put on this planet to do more than just look pretty.