Top 5 Taylor Swift Songs


Top 5 Taylor Swift Songs

As you can tell, at Skinnydip London we are totally fangirling over Taylor Swift! In our last blog post, we thought we would increase all of your Taylor knowledge and inspire more of you to become Swifities. However, if you were thinking of playing a Taylor song but didn’t know where to start or are interested in some of our favourite songs from the queen herself… you have come to the right place!


However, we know this is a controversial topic and most people can’t even pick a top 5! Yet, these Taylor Swift songs are guaranteed to bring good vibes and a great place for new Taylor fans to start. Please feel free to dm us with some of your favourite songs to help us expand our Taylor Swift collection!


You Belong With Me

Starting off strong with a classic! This song was released in 2008 on her award winning album Fearless and is one of her most popular songs ever. Taylor was 18 she wrote this song and was inspired by one of her male band members after over- hearing him arguing with his girlfriend on the phone. In this song, Taylor is describing a fictional ‘girl next door’ situation whereby a girl believes that they are better suited to a boy than his current girlfriend. This song is such a power ballad for every girl or boy who is looking for a song to scream to in the shower, car or whip out during karaoke!


Cruel Summer

Next up we have Cruel Summer which is Taylor’s most streamed song on Spotify, reaching over 1.5 million streams! It is the 2nd song from her album ‘Lover’ and has had HUGE amounts of social media coverage recently due to it being part of the Eras Tour setlist. Taylor described this song as being about an uncertain, spontaneous yet temporary summer romance making it extremely relatable to most teenagers and adults who have experienced this. It is also extremely catchy and has been rated as having the best bridge across all of her songs. Definitely give this one a listen!


All Too Well

Don’t be intimidated by the length of this one, but yes, we are talking specifically about the 10 minute version of Taylor’s song ‘All too Well’. If you don’t know, get to know! She originally released ‘All too Well’ in her album Red as a 5:29 minute song yet after revealing in multiple interviews that the song was originally much longer, she released the 10-minute song on her re-recorded album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’. This song is also featured on her Eras Tour setlist and is an ultimate fan favourite. However, it might take a few weeks to learn all the words to this one…



Slowing down the tempo a tiny bit for the next one which is august! This song is featured on Taylor’s surprise album ‘folklore’ which was released during the Covid pandemic to entertain her fans. The storyline of this song is about the aftermath of a summer romance and along with the songs ‘Betty’ and ‘Cardigan’, august describes one perspective of a summer love triangle. It was also famously used to promote season 2 of the hit show ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ which you should totally watch if you haven’t. Let us know if you’re team Conrad or Jeremiah as we are completely torn!



Last but definitely not least is the power ballad Enchanted from the album Speak Now. If you are on TikTok, chances are that you have already heard this song with it going viral in Winter of 2021 and gaining millions of streams as a result. It is also the only single from Speak Now on the Eras Tour setlist which must show something! This song is about Taylor fantasising over a boy and is relatable to anyone that has ever had a crush, making it a timeless classic. This one definitely secures a place in the top 5!


Honourable Mentions (inspired by Seventeen Magazine)

  • Mr Perfectly Fine
  • Long Live
  • Getaway Car
  • Cardigan
  • Is it Over Now?
  • Illicit Affairs
  • All Of The Girls You Loved Before
  • You’re On Your Own, Kid


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