What iPhone do I have?


What iPhone do I have?

With Apple set to release the iPhone 15 in only a few months time, can you really remember what model your phone is? We're here with some handy tips and tricks to help you buy the correct Skinnydip case for your prized possession.

Tip Number One

Did you know the easiest way to find out your iPhone model is hidden in your settings?
Go to iPhone Settings

  1. General
  2. About
  3. Model Name

This will tell you your iPhone size! e.g iPhone 14 Pro

If no model name is listed, below is Model Number. Search the model number to find your iPhone size e.g A2650 = iPhone 14 Pro.

Tip Number Two

Still not sure? Don't worry, we've broken down the key details and features of each of the main iPhone models we have cases for below.

Tip Number Three

Ask for help! If you're still unsure what the correct Skinnydip case for your iPhone model is, you can contact our customer services on mail@skinnydiplondon.com or ask a member of staff in store to ensure you purchase the correct size case.

A Little Bit About Our Packaging Stickers

On all of our phone case packaging, in the top right corner we place an iPhone model sticker. Each sticker is colour coded for each iPhone model the case will fit.
Some cases are dual size so will fit different two iPhone models e.g iPhone 12/12 Pro. Both sizes will be indicated on the sticker. It is possible some iPhone models will have both a dual and single model sticker within our range of case designs.

Please note as new iPhones are released each year, our model stickers colours will change. We therefore advise to go by the model name on the sticker rather than it's colour when shopping in our stores or concessions.

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