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Jasmin Sehra is a London based artist & radio host passionate about the arts, fashion and hip hop - her work specifically focuses on portraiture & music. Alumni of London College of Communication in Graphic and Media Design, she has had the opportunity of working with various brands including MTV, GAP and Lazy Oaf. She also hosts a monthly radio show on Reform Radio. In addition to this, she curates, styles and shoots her own photoshoots for her blog Paradise Girl and has modelled for brands including Nike.

The BollyHood Series pays homage to two cultures Jasmin grew up with: Indian/Punjabi Bollywood Culture and the music she grew up listening to. Her artwork showcases her dual identity as a British Asian inspired by both her Punjabi and western upbringing, but also illustrates empowering messages of positivity, self love, strength and storytelling through lyrics and typography with a Bollywood poster aesthetic.

instagram @jasminsehra