Shopping Bag

Multimedia artist born Kinshasa and resides in London who specialises in film, print and appropriation. My practice has recurring themes of politics, identity and pop culture and tries to explore the relationship between the Americanisation of British culture and the influence it has on our identity. I find it hard not to be political or challenge the status quo whether it’s my art or social media, I am unafraid to speak my mind on certain issues that always seem to have an
affect on minorities.

I have that burning desire to change world and use my artistic platform as a tool. My influences range from Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Kendrick Lamar, Patti Smith, Solange, Andy Warhol and most importantly my mother. All these people that have inspired me have challenged their political climates in creatives ways that have influenced generations of people and I hope to one day do the same. My mother is a fighter and that same blood runs in my DNA.

instagram @rachelisabelle