GUYS, we've got some great news! Our girl Shy has a bangin' new mix for you all to focus your ears on! We managed to catch up with her for a quick chat about the new music, but keep scrolling for a full listen of the best 27:49 minutes worth of girl power beats!

Where did you get the inspiration for the mix?
I think it's so important to have self love. It's one of the main things that you need to achieve a happy and positive lifestyle. I think a lot of people also struggle with accepting themselves for who they are so I wanted to create a mix where people could enjoy the music but also be reminded of the message. As well as this, a lot of my fave producers really inspired me when it came to track selection.

When it comes to choosing the tracks, what's the process?
Definitely searching through sound cloud for hours and hours finding new tunes getting square eyes LOL. After that I put everything into a folder and go through the tunes and pick out which ones I feel personally reflect the mood that I want the mix to represent and then work out how I wanna piece them together. All about having fun with it really!

How does this mix differ from previous mixes?
I feel like this mix is pretty positive! The last mix I made 'How's That Feel' I had just started out making mixes and as well as this at that time I was like super upset over a guy, haha, now I feel like I'm in a really good happy place and so is this mix!

What kind of girls will dig it?
Any girls who are up for a dance whilst feeling empowered!

Who are you rating in the music industry right now?
I love loads of amazing producers.There's so many but a few of my faves - Byrell the Great, Kkingdomm, NA NGUZU, LSD XOXO, Darq E Freaker, Total Freedom, MikeQ. Baauer's recent mix for Alexander Wang AW16 Pre show also heavily inspires me! I love Future and Young Thug too!

We love love love the new mix Shy, can you sum it up in three words?

Photo cred: @mishameghna